Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Searching For a New BFF

So I'm looking for another BFF.

Selfishly I already have two and they're ok but like, one's Asian and one's a ginger so they can only go so far.

I've devised some interview questions, some of which may include: 
  • what matching tattoos would we get (eg dolphin eating a homeless man)? 
  • How much/what gangster rap would you play for me if my boyfriend dumped me? 
  • How much money do you have? 
  • If I ask for something, like your first born, that'd be cool right? 
  • Are you willing to accept responsibility (and subsequent consequences) for everything I do - smoking too much meth, cutting locks of hair off famous people, stealing someones houseboat, excessive stalking etc
These are pretty simple questions. I'm easily pleased, you really just have to compliment me constantly and reassure me that there aren't ninjas hiding in my closet waiting to assassinate me...

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